Thomas Spann Jr. was born in Charleston, SC and a native of Eadytown, South Carolina, growing up under the musicianship of his father Thomas Lee Spann Sr. who inspired him to play the drums. His high school band director, Mack Guice II influenced him to pursue a career in music. Having these two giants in his life has propelled him towards finesse as a percussionist in academia and the music industry.

Mr. Spann graduated Cum Laude from Benedict College, earning the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. He then forged ahead and earned a Master of Science degree in Music Education from Tennessee State University. This distinction has set him apart from the drummers of the world to being established as an accomplished percussionist. His extensive genre skill has afforded him the opportunity to record music with The Jonathan Pierce Band , Chris Simmons Jazz Trio, Cat Parks and Kindred Souls, Curtis Fields, Blended 328, and Dr. Sean Daniels. He has performed throughout the United States and abroad in Central Asia, Russia, Zimbabwe, Africa, Brazil, the Middle East, and Mexico.

In academia, Mr. Spann serves as a percussion/drum educator at Creative Soul Music Academy, as the percussion instructor at Lead Academy Neely’s Bend where he teaches drumline to 5th-8th graders. He also serves as Adjunct Professor, Percussion/Drumline, World Music, and Music Education, Marching Band at Fisk University; and formerly served as Adjunct Professor in Applied Percussion at Tennessee State University. Within the music industry, Mr. Spann is the drummer for Sonja Hopkins, DSD Jazz Quartet, and various other artists.

Additionally, Mr. Spann is endorsed by Pearl/Adams Percussion, Regal Tip drumsticks; and is a songwriter with BMI music, and a sound designer with